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State of Mind

Ten Years

I still remember back when it all started, Back when I was so full of hope, Before the weight of it all came crashing down, Crashing down around me, All the years all the pain, I wouldn’t change this for anything, No regrets, all respect, For what this means to me, Ten long years, Helped me to see I was never where I wanted to be, Now I can’t help but think about this time I spent thrown away, Ten long years


Keep faith, Sick of the rain, Sick of the pain, Sick of everything that gets in my way, Everyday, This is why I keep faith, This is why I won’t break, I won’t break, Do you see what I see, Can you feel what I am feeling, Don’t get in my way, This isn’t a game, You won’t take what you want from me, It starts with a dream, Add faith it becomes a belief, I’ll break it down, I’ll take what I need, Do you see what I see, My faith is what fuels me, My determination, My drive pumps through my veins, Life is all about one choice, You have to decide, Give up or Get up! The drive pumps through my veins, Life’s about one choice, Give up or get up! When I say get up you get up, When they told me to sit, I stood up, When I say if you fight for your hopes and dreams, Don’t give up, Keep Faith