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Unholy Anger

1 – Daggermouth

I know your kind
Running your mouth to destroy people’s lives
So sick of all the lies
We’re going to end this all tonight
It’s time you answer for the things you have said
There’s no more fabricating anything, anymore
You spread your lies and deceit without a trace of the truth
Just total disregard for the lives all around you that you destroy
It’s time you think about the lies that you spread
You are a liar
Just a dirty snake
Bite back your bile you venomous snake
Leaving with nothing but destruction in your wake
The people you’ve poisoned with your self-righteous intent
The people you’ve broken, their souls forever condemned
I’ll stand and fight for the rest of my life
Do what I have to do to make this right
We’ve grown so sick of your lies
I see the hate in your eyes
It’s time to meet your demise
Now you’ve gone and pushed us too far
And we’ve been suffering for way too long
I will not stand and suffer your hate in this world
Father take me from this

2 – (Un)Holy Anger

Why does this anger burn inside my heart
Like a flame devouring my soul
Driving my hate
Pushing me into a fiery rage
I never learned to forgive and forget
Whenever my sight goes red
Lord please hear my cry
Take this cup from me
All we think about is violence
I hate this beast we’ve become
All we dream about is murder
Striking down our enemies in cold blood
The demon speaks of murder and strife
Corrupting my mind
I’m always ready to strike
Ready to kill in the blink of an eye
I feel the venom seeping in
I just don’t know what to do
With this hate building inside me
Why do I feel this way
Every single day
It’s just the same thing over and over again
Don’t want to be this anymore
Extinguish the flame, Lord give me the strength
To keep these demons at bay
And rid myself of this anger once and for all
I swear I’ll walk away
For vengeance is not mine, don’t want to cross this line
It’ll be the hardest fight of my life
Because revenge is all I seek
I won’t lose this fight

3 – Holy Anger

So why do people think my faith is of intolerance
Does it look like I am on the defense?
Don’t get me wrong I know we’re not all the same
So go and hate because you have nothing to say
Just because I don’t support your cause
Does that make you want to hate me?
I always thought this was the land of the free
But you don’t want me to believe in what I believe
I refuse to stand by and listen to your hypocrisy
I’m so sick
I can’t take it anymore
I have the right to be angry
I won’t take it anymore
I won’t let the sun go down with this hate on my hands
No matter what you say or do I will forgive you
So will my father
So let’s  wash our hands of this hate once and for all
Even though I have the right to be angry
You know forgiveness is the hardest thing I’ve ever learned to do
I receive strength from my Father to show mercy on people like you

4 – Leech Life

When you look in the mirror
Do you see yourself or somebody else?
Are you proud of what you have become?
You’ve become a parasite
Feeding off the underbelly of the human race
You take this all for granted
It’s time you learn to stand on your feet again
It’s time you learn to become a man
For yourself, and nobody else, get over it
Man I have tried and I’ve tried
To get you to recognize
That being yourself is all that you need
Instead you choose to live the life of a leech
Grabbing everything within your reach
You won’t ever let go if I don’t cut you out
It’s time you learn to fend for yourself
You’ve drained the life out of me like the leech you are
If I fall down with you, then who will help you now?
I won’t forsake you I’m just trying to help
But you must understand I’m almost drained out
I won’t forsake you I’m just trying to help
But you must realize you’ve almost drained me out

5 – Burn

We have chosen to set ourselves apart
With this flame that’s in the depths of our hearts
This is my everything
And with every last breath that I take
We’re going to let this burn
We are called to be the light of this world
With the fire that burns within our hearts
I will not let this light burn out
Who can extinguish this flame?
I will not let this light burn out within our hearts
We have chosen to rise
We have chosen to fight with no excuses or compromise
Even though we’re living in these dark days
Tonight we’re going to burn
We are the light of the world
Whoever follows will not walk in darkness
An escape from the abyss you’ve been living in
No more hiding in shadows

Day of Judgement

Our day of judgement will come.

6 – My Domain

Behold I have given you the authority to tread on serpents
To overpower the enemy and nothing will ever defeat you
With my God given pride
I keep my eyes on the prize, nothing is impossible
The sky is the limit
I’m in it to win it and this is my
My domain
As i walk through the valley of death
There is nothing that will ever destroy me
I will fear no evil, i know you are with me
And i will walk in authority
I will fear nothing
I put my adversaries to shame
Your dominion will forever remain my domain

7 – Relentless

Say what you want
About me and about the way I live my life
You call yourself a friend
And yet you turn your back on me
Your words mean absolutely nothing
This is the calling in my life
It’s not about the fortune and fame
It’s not the American dream
This is so much more
More than you and me
We don’t need your condemning
Say what you want about me and the way I live my life
This time it’s coming back on you
I am holding true to my calling
This is it
We’re never giving up
And you had the nerve to go and call yourself my brother
No we’re never giving up
Your fate is yours and my fate is mine
So keep your mouth shut
Can’t hold us down, can’t keep us quiet
There’s people starving and searching for the truth
We come together and stand united
We’re going to make it with or without you
You just can’t understand what this is all about
Unless you see the world through my eyes
Fall back in line
You’re all the same you’re wasting my time
I’m in a spiritual state of mine
So get yours cause Imma get mine
Step off
I’m holding true to my calling
This is it
I’m holding true to my convictions
It’s all I am

8 – Sowers of Discord

Walking the track, head in your hand
As punishment for your sins
Pushing away the ones that you came claim
You so dearly care for
Out of the church and into the streets
Separated from God’s eternal love
Whose crime is worst
Theirs or yours
Whose hypocrisy do you spew
Do us all a favor and get up out of my face
Just turn and walk the other way
And get up out of my face
You’ll pay for your crimes against humanity
Every scar on your face will forever remain
As a reminder of their unforgiving blades
You only meant to offer a helping hand
Instead you tore it apart from the inside out
You only meant to build it up
But instead you tore it down
No more lies as long as I live there will be no more lies
A few years ago I would have spit in the face of a heretic
Now I just call you out
Because I realize the love you’ve been so deprived of
I don’t think you understand the discord of your ways
But you must realize that good intentions
Won’t open heaven’s gates
Your intentions can’t save now
Only God can save you now

9 – Convictions

And I know in my mind I will never fail
If I stay true I will always prevail
So many things in this world that try to drag me down
And pull my head underwater
If I can’t catch my breath I will surely drown
I just have to push harder
This is my conviction, this is my drive
This is a show of my self control
This is my drive and who I want to be
These are my beliefs
Break me my heart’s not made of steel
Reveal Yourself to me
Forgive me for I know what I’ve done
I’ve been carrying this weight too long
And every moment I lay here awake
Is just another burden on my guilty conscience
Truth and conviction
Taboo to a less than common practice
And fact is half this
Will not be heard for what truth’s told
The world only knows my
Pain, hate, fear, lust, rage
Shame, fate, tears across my face
Convictions come with loss

10 – Colossus